Killer Grannys and Doped up Teenagers

Well the heading says it all.

On my way in to work today I was almost flattened in by a granny in a BMW X5 and another one in a Jaguar XJ something(I did not see as I was trying to save my life). Both of the lady’s just changed lanes without even looking in their mirrors. The one could not even see her mirrors as they were folded away presumably to protect them when the car is parked. needless to say my heart was given a jolt each time.

During my travle into work I regularly comment on the fact that many people mostly young ones are smoking weed while driving in to work themselves. This of course is very dangerous not only for the people driving under the influence but also for other road users.

Today was no exception driving in I noticed the unmistakeable smell wafting up from the cars in fron’t as I came closer I noticed that the small micra or some such souped up minicar was so full of smoke I am sure the driver and passengers could not se out.

I wonder what it will take to make these people realise what they are doing to themselves and also what they could potentially do to others. The only way things are noticed in the current society is if some innocent child is gruesomely dispatched from this world and all the graphic details are spread about in the news.

I hope that such an occurrence is not needed for this.

Strange travel day

Seems that scooter drivers have a death wish, or at least some do.

Over the last week I have noticed that the scooter drivers on my commute in and out of London seem to want to kill themselves. I have never seen anyone take risks like these guys do not even racing drivers. I would be very worried if an 18 wheel truck was driving down on me and I jumped through a gap betwen it and a dump truck.

Perhaps I am just getting old.

The Snake and I

This will be my platform to talk about my daily commute in to work on my Honda Transalp 650.

So expect some rants and some funny stories as things go.