Tag: The Snake and I

  • Killer Grannys and Doped up Teenagers

    Well the heading says it all. On my way in to work today I was almost flattened in by a granny in a BMW X5 and another one in a Jaguar XJ something(I did not see as I was trying to save my life). Both of the lady’s just changed lanes without even looking in…

  • Strange travel day

    Seems that scooter drivers have a death wish, or at least some do. Over the last week I have noticed that the scooter drivers on my commute in and out of London seem to want to kill themselves. I have never seen anyone take risks like these guys do not even racing drivers. I would…

  • The Snake and I

    This will be my platform to talk about my daily commute in to work on my Honda Transalp 650. So expect some rants and some funny stories as things go.