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  • Bongo Appliance Users – new Bongo Experimental Packages in the rPath repo

    I have been working on getting the svn build of Bongo into the rPath repo for users to try. I have now completed that and the newest build of bongo is available in the 0.40-devel repository. Please be aware that this version has only been tested on rPath 2 and so cannot be used on…

  • Bongo Experimental Packages In Rpath Repo

    Well, I remember I said to myself this year I will get the svn build for Bongo into the bongo repo on rpath. It has taken a awhile but I now have the 0.4 svn version available in the repository. I will also be creating a few VM’s of the experimental new Rpath 2 version…

  • Foresight Linux Product Definitions

    I have been working on the product definitions for Foresight Linux repositories which will help the different versions have a common set of details. I will try to blog as much as possible about this so that everyone knows where I am at. I am currently setting up a test definition on my playground repo…

  • Mypaint added

    Mypaint has now been added to FL:2-devel. from their website MyPaint is a fast and easy painting application. It lets you focus on the art instead of the program. It comes with a large brush collection including charcoal and ink to emulate natural painting. Other features are: support for pressure sensitive graphic tablets unlimited canvas…

  • Monsoon updated

    Monsoon 0.15 has been committed to FL:2-devel. This is a bugfix version.

  • LibVirt updated

    LIbvirt has been updated to 4.3 in the fl:2-devel.

  • New video config tool for Foresight Linux

    I am investigating video config (x config) for Foresight linux as the current config tool is a bit hit and miss. I have been investigation who  does what and how but it seems quite difficult to get any information about this stuff from the different distributions and also what works and what does not. I…

  • New Laptop

    I have eventually been able to get a 64bit laptop. Which means I will be able to package for Foresight Linux, Rpath and the Bongo Project again. I feel I have been neglecting all my projects somewhat, hopefully when it arrives I will be able to package some great apps.