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  • My interesting way to end a week.

    This is an account of Thursday the 29th of September 2011 when my cynical view on Londoners only thinking of themselves and not wanting to get involved with other peoples troubles was blown completely out of the water thanks to some really amazing people who I don’t have names for but would really love to…

  • Came off my bike today

    Well I knew it would happen and it eventually did. I was going to work this morning and I had to swerve for a black porche and my bike dropped. I landed on my right hand side and slid down the road. I have a few bruises and bumps and will be seeing the doctor…

  • Killer Grannys and Doped up Teenagers

    Well the heading says it all. On my way in to work today I was almost flattened in by a granny in a BMW X5 and another one in a Jaguar XJ something(I did not see as I was trying to save my life). Both of the lady’s just changed lanes without even looking in…

  • Strange travel day

    Seems that scooter drivers have a death wish, or at least some do. Over the last week I have noticed that the scooter drivers on my commute in and out of London seem to want to kill themselves. I have never seen anyone take risks like these guys do not even racing drivers. I would…

  • Uneventful Trip

    Well I was sure there was something wrong this morning as I did not have any close calls or people trying to kill me on the road today. Thanks is always good

  • Drug Busting

    If any of the Metropolitan police officers would like to increase their arrest numbers for the month why don’t you drive in to London on the M1 at rush our. Your nose will lead you to a number of smokey cars and DUI’s.

  • The Snake and I

    This will be my platform to talk about my daily commute in to work on my Honda Transalp 650. So expect some rants and some funny stories as things go.