New video config tool for Foresight Linux

I am investigating video config (x config) for Foresight linux as the current config tool is a bit hit and miss.

I have been investigation who  does what and how but it seems quite difficult to get any information about this stuff from the different distributions and also what works and what does not.

I would appreciate any comments on the above.

virt-manager 0.5.4 for Foresight Linux

After some head scratching and help from doniphon we now have a working virt-manager, virt-viewer, virtinst and libvirtd on Foresight Linux 2-qa so hopefully soon it will be released into the main repo sometime soon.

Please create issues on for any problems

Monsoon on Foresight Linux

I have packaged Monsoon for foresight 2, it has been passed though qa and is now in the main repo.

I am glad that it has worked so easily

New Laptop

I have eventually been able to get a 64bit laptop.

Which means I will be able to package for Foresight Linux, Rpath and the Bongo Project again.

I feel I have been neglecting all my projects somewhat, hopefully when it arrives I will be able to package some great apps.

Vmware Workstation on Foresight 2

Well I have been able to get vmware running on Foresight 2 it was a bit of a mission as since Vmware have opensourced their vmware tools the foresight developers have built the tools into the kernel by default. The problem is that when you try to install vmware workstation or vmware player they would complain about the modules already installed and fail.

After manually deleting these module files I was able to install and run vmware on the workstation.

All was not lost though while I was trying to get this to work. I was able to build and run a QEMU (kvm) machine and run that so I could work and keep running. As one of my friends said they need to get virt-manager built and running on Foresight so that the machines can have bridged networking.

So this is a start at least.