Setting up GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS for Terraform Cloud

The getting stared guides for using Terraform with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

All suggest using code like this to provide credentials 

// Configure the Google Cloud provider
provider "google" {
 credentials = "${file("CREDENTIALS_FILE.json")}"
 project     = "flask-app-211918"
 region      = "us-west1"

This works well when you are just learning Terraform. Once you start working with 2 or three other engineers this becomes more of a challenge because you need to keep the state file secure using a remote S3 backend etc.. but you still have the problem of the credential file that needs to be shared. However since the launch of Terraform Cloud at Hashconf it is now possible to sign up for a free Terraform Cloud account and to use it as a remote backend for your plans.

This secures your state file with the encryption provided as part of the service.

Your current GCP credentials are still stored locally on our laptop and could still accidentally be committed to a git repository

The way to solve this is to create an Environment Variable in Terraform Cloud add the content from your json file to the variable and then mark it as secret. This then protects the secret and you can add the local json file to your favourite password manager to encrypt. 

To add the credentials they need to be altered a bit to be stored in the variable.
You need to remove all newline characters from the file.
Using your favourite editor remove these and the json will shrink to only one line.

I use vim for this with the following steps

Open the file with vim

vi gcp-credential.json

press :

Add the following 
%s;\n; ;g

Press enter.

press : again

type wq

After the file is saved add an Environment Variable Called
GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS to the terraform Cloud workspace you will be running your plans in.
Copy in the data from the file and paste it into the variable value and mark it as sensitive.
Then you are done.

All terraform runs should now use these credentials for authenticating to GCP



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