Packaging Adventure

I am about to embark on the epic journey which is Bongo packaging on the OpenSUSE Build Service.

Now that I have succumbed to this task I wanted to establish a few things.

In the Build service there are many many distributions available for build. Most of the distributions are very old.

This leaves me with a choice as to were to focus my efforts, as most of you know I have been creating the Bongo images on the rPath rbuild system so my knowledge of RPM and Deb packaging is quite limited.

I am not sure which OS’s are used by our users and so I came up with the idea to have a poll on my blog here

The idea is this. The more votes an OS gets the higher up the priority list it will climb.

So that it gives you guys a chance to tell me which OS’s to focus on.





One response to “Packaging Adventure”

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    Chalk one up for Ubuntu Jaunty!