Packaging Adventure

I am about to embark on the epic journey which is Bongo packaging on the OpenSUSE Build Service.

Now that I have succumbed to this task I wanted to establish a few things.

In the Build service there are many many distributions available for build. Most of the distributions are very old.

This leaves me with a choice as to were to focus my efforts, as most of you know I have been creating the Bongo images on the rPath rbuild system so my knowledge of RPM and Deb packaging is quite limited.

I am not sure which OS’s are used by our users and so I came up with the idea to have a poll on my blog here

The idea is this. The more votes an OS gets the higher up the priority list it will climb.

So that it gives you guys a chance to tell me which OS’s to focus on.

The Bongo Images will no longer be built on the rPath environment

For quite some time now we have been using the rPath rBuilder system to create images for the project. I have also used it for a few other projects.

Things have been going quite well until someone at rPath decided that they needed to reinvent their web interface.

Now I don’t mind change and innovation as long as the changes are well thought through and well tested.

I have experienced some major issues with the new UI and it has overwritten my group recipe on more than one occasion.

I am sure I will edit this post a bit more once I have thought about it a bit more.

We are going to decide how we are going to achieve this in the near future and I will post here what the result is.


Bongo 0.5.2 Package Released on rPath

The new Bongo package has been compiled, packaged and promoted so it should now be available to those running the images.

This version has a number of fixes that were highlighted by the change to the cmake compiler.

Thanks to the hard work of Alex and Patrick we are now in a position to say the the mail store is now stable. I can’t wait for the changes that we will now be implementing on the web front.

The images can be found here


Mono Goings On

I too have been watching the Mono debate with some interest as I am in the process of creating a Mono API for the Bongo Store.

This interests me as I do not want to spend time working on something that will stop any distribution from running such a great app like Bongo.

What worries me more is the character assassination and blatant lie telling that has been going on to in some way justify what is being said by the Mono haters. I wholly agree with Alex’s take on the subject you can find here. I think that this will have an affect on the community but I am not sure what affect it will be.

I hope this is sorted out soon and that the lines get drawn and clarity starts coming to the situation.

I wish the Mono project the best of luck for the future.