Bongo Images and the 0.5 release

Bongo Images and the 0.5 release

I have been working on the images for the 0.5 release of Bongo and I have now completed them.

They can be found here

There is a change however in how we will be implementing the images from now on.

I have decided that to make it easier on you guys and also to limit the number of hours I have to work on them I will create a version 1.0 of the images which I will not change for the foreseeable future.

What will now happen is that we will just update the packages that apply to Bongo and release them for consumption.

I have also decided that I will start using the built in features of the rPath rbuilder system to start developing changes or updates to the bongo packages in the -devel branch and then when I am happy that they are ready for general consumption I will promote them to -qa which is an image I will be running permanently I will make this image available to anyone who would want to help test the bleeding edge stuff from Bongo.

Once the -qa has been completed I will promote to the release branch which will be

This will automatically make the changes available to you guys and so we will become a rolling update project. So you will never have to re-install your server again unless you have to upgrade your hardware.

I hope you find it easier to use. We are now well on our way to making Bongo a great mail server.



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2 responses to “Bongo Images and the 0.5 release”

  1. Mike avatar

    This is a huge step!
    I am (still) using one of the later hula releases and it just keeps chugging along, but I have been wary of replacing such a stable platform with its logical replacement.
    Smoothing out future updates will really help and it sounds like .5 is getting much more stable.

    1. Lance Haig avatar

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for noticing. We are moving forward now to a version 1 on the Bongo platform and hopefully soon things will become easier and easier. We have major issues at the moment with the web-interface which is flaky and does not work although the management interface fares better.

      Once I finish the API I am busy with I hope to start work on a Web interface that will be useable.