Update on the Bongo API

Quite some time ago I blogged about my efforts to create a mono API for the bongo store protocol, I have unfortunately been quite busy with my personal life and also at work so this has been neglected.

I have again been working on this and at the moment I am stuck trying to get the COLLECTIONS command to work.

Alex sent me his php API code that he was working on to help me out but unfortunately I am just not experienced enough to work this one out. I really want to get this working as I think it will be a great boost to the project as it will open the project to other coders and perhaps we could see some interesting work.

To help move this forward I have booked myself a course with Learning tree on how to code wit c# for beginners. I have also taken their 3 course special so I can book myself 2 more coding courses if I actually start to understand better. If anyone is interested in helping me out with this I am open.

I am excited with what is happening in the project at the moment we are almost ready to release again after some testing.

I would like to say thank you to Steve-O (his Nick on IRC I don’t know his full name) he has been a great help testing the new release of Bongo and helping find some yet undiscovered bugs. Thanks Steve.






2 responses to “Update on the Bongo API”

  1. David Nielsen avatar

    Perhaps Bong API was not a good choice, it might give people the wrong impression of your coding skills.

  2. Lance Haig avatar

    Oops thanks for the catch.