Bongo Mono API

Bongo Mono API

For quite some time now I have been trying to learn a programming language to try to get my ideas for applications built.

As part of the learning curve I have started trying to use MonoDevelop and mono to create an app that will allow you to browse the Bongo store.

One of the developers on the Bongo Project (so_solid_moo) was kind enough to start me off with a basic small app he quickly created to test his dev stuff.

After some initial hacking on the app we agreed that an API for mono to be able to communicate with Bongo would be very cool. So I started work on that.

I have so far been able to get the API to connect to and allow login to the store. I have also been able to get the API to select which user store to use. I am now working on the collections command that will allow me to list the collections in the selected store. This is proving difficult for me to do as I have no programming experience.

I will try now to get this working and so eventually all the commands for the store.

I hope my learning experience will benefit the project and also myself.