Work on the Bongo 0.4 appliances

For some time now I have been asked why I have not released the Bongo 0.4.0 packages to the Bongo rPath repo.

The reason I have given is that the webUI bits for Bongo have been broken in Bongo after some major work was done on the store area of the project. The other agents we have e.g. SMTP, IMAP, POP, ANTISPAM and ANTIVIRUS are all still performing very well and I use the code on a server at home running about 4 domains.

This work has improved the performance of the store and also fixed quite a few niggles that had crept in while we were removing old Novell code. We were going to focus on the web UI once we had a stable 0.4.0 version of the store. Things have developed quite a bit further and we are now close to a 0.5 release. This does not mean that we are going to have a working webUI for this release as the work that has gone on for the webUI will need revisiting. We have had discussions about what we want to do with the webUI and perhaps where we want to take it. It is not quite as simple as one would think.

The reason I am rambling on about this is that I want to now work towards releasing a version of the Bongo appliances that does not have a webUI installed. This WILL break any 0.3 install of Bongo so when I do release it. It will be on your head if you lose your webUI.

So my next few weeks will be aimed at getting 0.4 ready for roll-out.

Monsoon 0.20 Packaged

Monsoon 0.20 packaged.

I have eventually packaged the new version of monsoon for Foresight Linux. My apologies to Alan for taking so long. Life has a habit of taking over sometimes.

Well I have added the new meta tags that zodman’s new packagekit needs so it should have a short description about it.

Please test this version for me as I would love for it to become Foresight Linux’s default torrent client.

Thanks again to all the guys on the Foresight irc channel for the help when I get stuck while I build packages.

Have fun using a great tool.

As Zodman has pointed out I should add the command to install the package

so to install for testing please useĀ  – – –

sudo conary update

Bongo Mono API

Bongo Mono API

For quite some time now I have been trying to learn a programming language to try to get my ideas for applications built.

As part of the learning curve I have started trying to use MonoDevelop and mono to create an app that will allow you to browse the Bongo store.

One of the developers on the Bongo Project (so_solid_moo) was kind enough to start me off with a basic small app he quickly created to test his dev stuff.

After some initial hacking on the app we agreed that an API for mono to be able to communicate with Bongo would be very cool. So I started work on that.

I have so far been able to get the API to connect to and allow login to the store. I have also been able to get the API to select which user store to use. I am now working on the collections command that will allow me to list the collections in the selected store. This is proving difficult for me to do as I have no programming experience.

I will try now to get this working and so eventually all the commands for the store.

I hope my learning experience will benefit the project and also myself.

Bongo Appliance Users – new Bongo Experimental Packages in the rPath repo

I have been working on getting the svn build of Bongo into the rPath repo for users to try.

I have now completed that and the newest build of bongo is available in the 0.40-devel repository.

Please be aware that this version has only been tested on rPath 2 and so cannot be used on rPath 1 systems.

Please also remember that the webmail UI and admin side of things is currently broken so if you are not comfy running command line tools with Bongo please don’t upgrade.

Let me know if you find any problems