Busy Bees

Well it has been a while since the Bongo team has released a version and there is good reason for this.

Over the last few months since the release of 0.3.0 the developers have been rewriting a large proportion of the store code. Alex realised that the old one was not as efficient as it could be when there were large volumes of mail stored in the system. This actually started when it was discovered that when using IMAP and connecting to your mail account if you tried to move large volumes of mail around it would error out or worse. The store is now almost done and the branch and trunk should be merged soon.

The other Alex has been bevering away at a new web front end for Bongo. After we had tried to fix what was broken in the old one we decided that the best way forward was to completely rewrite the whole thing. Now I don’t profess to know a whole lot about the subject but I know that it will be much easier to manage and work with which will make it easier for other people to contribute to the project.

I have probably summarised this far to much but I thought it best to let people know what we are doing.

As far as the Bongo appliance goes Stu and I have been working on a new incarnation of the appliance based on rPath Linux 2. This new version will allow us to utilise the newest version of rPath for the creation of the appliance. I have been working on other projects that have allowed me to gain valuable experience in the rPath packaging method and this will make it easier for me to administer and add features to the appliance.

Andy has been working on getting the Opensuse Builder to build a larger number of packages for different distributions and he has also packaged an experimental version of Bongo from svn. I hope to have that done soon for the appliance as well.

Lin has been busy bevering away at fixing and adding documentation to the wiki and I would like to say THANK YOU to him for all the work he has put in.

I hope I have not missed anything and if I have please let me know so I can add it to this post.