Busy Bees

Well it has been a while since the Bongo team has released a version and there is good reason for this.

Over the last few months since the release of 0.3.0 the developers have been rewriting a large proportion of the store code. Alex realised that the old one was not as efficient as it could be when there were large volumes of mail stored in the system. This actually started when it was discovered that when using IMAP and connecting to your mail account if you tried to move large volumes of mail around it would error out or worse. The store is now almost done and the branch and trunk should be merged soon.

The other Alex has been bevering away at a new web front end for Bongo. After we had tried to fix what was broken in the old one we decided that the best way forward was to completely rewrite the whole thing. Now I don’t profess to know a whole lot about the subject but I know that it will be much easier to manage and work with which will make it easier for other people to contribute to the project.

I have probably summarised this far to much but I thought it best to let people know what we are doing.

As far as the Bongo appliance goes Stu and I have been working on a new incarnation of the appliance based on rPath Linux 2. This new version will allow us to utilise the newest version of rPath for the creation of the appliance. I have been working on other projects that have allowed me to gain valuable experience in the rPath packaging method and this will make it easier for me to administer and add features to the appliance.

Andy has been working on getting the Opensuse Builder to build a larger number of packages for different distributions and he has also packaged an experimental version of Bongo from svn. I hope to have that done soon for the appliance as well.

Lin has been busy bevering away at fixing and adding documentation to the wiki and I would like to say THANK YOU to him for all the work he has put in.

I hope I have not missed anything and if I have please let me know so I can add it to this post.

Killer Grannys and Doped up Teenagers

Well the heading says it all.

On my way in to work today I was almost flattened in by a granny in a BMW X5 and another one in a Jaguar XJ something(I did not see as I was trying to save my life). Both of the lady’s just changed lanes without even looking in their mirrors. The one could not even see her mirrors as they were folded away presumably to protect them when the car is parked. needless to say my heart was given a jolt each time.

During my travle into work I regularly comment on the fact that many people mostly young ones are smoking weed while driving in to work themselves. This of course is very dangerous not only for the people driving under the influence but also for other road users.

Today was no exception driving in I noticed the unmistakeable smell wafting up from the cars in fron’t as I came closer I noticed that the small micra or some such souped up minicar was so full of smoke I am sure the driver and passengers could not se out.

I wonder what it will take to make these people realise what they are doing to themselves and also what they could potentially do to others. The only way things are noticed in the current society is if some innocent child is gruesomely dispatched from this world and all the graphic details are spread about in the news.

I hope that such an occurrence is not needed for this.

Mypaint added

Mypaint has now been added to FL:2-devel.

from their website

MyPaint is a fast and easy painting application. It lets you focus on the art instead of the program.

It comes with a large brush collection including charcoal and ink to emulate natural painting. Other features are:

  • support for pressure sensitive graphic tablets
  • unlimited canvas (you never have to resize)
  • undo
  • fast
  • no layers (work in progress)
  • using pygtk with C extensions

If you want to look deeper, MyPaint is built around a highly configurable brush engine. This allows you to experiment with your own brushes and with not-quite-natural painting.

Careerbuilder – DO NOT use their Website

If you intend searching for work do not use http://www.careerbuilder.com

Since adding myself to their system I have recieved so much spam from gmail accounts using the details I added to their site.

I will be remioving myself asap.

New video config tool for Foresight Linux

I am investigating video config (x config) for Foresight linux as the current config tool is a bit hit and miss.

I have been investigation who  does what and how but it seems quite difficult to get any information about this stuff from the different distributions and also what works and what does not.

I would appreciate any comments on the above.

Strange travel day

Seems that scooter drivers have a death wish, or at least some do.

Over the last week I have noticed that the scooter drivers on my commute in and out of London seem to want to kill themselves. I have never seen anyone take risks like these guys do not even racing drivers. I would be very worried if an 18 wheel truck was driving down on me and I jumped through a gap betwen it and a dump truck.

Perhaps I am just getting old.