Monsoon on Foresight Linux

I have packaged Monsoon for foresight 2, it has been passed though qa and is now in the main repo.

I am glad that it has worked so easily

Uneventful Trip

Well I was sure there was something wrong this morning as I did not have any close calls or people trying to kill me on the road today.

Thanks is always good

New Laptop

I have eventually been able to get a 64bit laptop.

Which means I will be able to package for Foresight Linux, Rpath and the Bongo Project again.

I feel I have been neglecting all my projects somewhat, hopefully when it arrives I will be able to package some great apps.

Drug Busting

If any of the Metropolitan police officers would like to increase their arrest numbers for the month why don’t you drive in to London on the M1 at rush our. Your nose will lead you to a number of smokey cars and DUI’s.

Live CD Wiki Page

I have finished the Live CD wiki page and I thought I would put it out there for you guys to have a look at and comment on.

You can find a direct link here

I have added images and some help text. This page is aimed at a person who just wants to look at what we are doing without actually installing the software.

I would welcome any comments or ideas on the page so please let me know I have also started on the other pages that can be found here

These pages are going to be there as part of the Bongo Help environment or at least that is where I see them fitting in. Comments and help on those would be welcomed too.