The Snake and I

This will be my platform to talk about my daily commute in to work on my Honda Transalp 650.

So expect some rants and some funny stories as things go.

Positive Thoughts

You all know I have been a very pessimistic South African for a very long time and well I had my reasons for being like that.

This morning I received a e-mail from someone I know who sent me a link to this site.

And also 2 links to some stories on the site

I have read these and some other stories on this site and I feel differently about the way things are in South Africa and how the people are starting to take back their land from the Crooks and corrupt politicians.

This does not mean that I am going to jump on the next plane to Cape Town with my family as there are still some concerns I have about what is going to happen in the next 2 years with regards to the court cases that are due soon and the outcome from that.

What it has done is planted a seed in my brain that things might get better as long as the politicians do what is right for the country and not just right for themselves.

I will be posting this on my blog

if you want to point people to the stories.

Thanks for reading this my friends and I hope you don’t mind me sending it.