Rpath Path

Well I have eventually started down the rpath route.

The documentation is very difficult to pick up and I have had a hard time working things out. The #conary irc channel has been a great help to me on my path as it were. I have been able to get bongo to compile on the rpath platform but I am having trouble with the bongo-setup script and slapd.

I am hoping to get this worked out soon and then run a script during group-build to run the bongo-setup script with all the arguments filled in for a user.

So this is how I am filling my time at the moment.

I am also doing my Prince 2 exams soon so I have less time to devote to this

Rpath will allow us to give people an option when running Bongo

VMware heaven

I have fixed the broken VM

Thank you to all those who have downloaded the vm and are seeding it. I must apologise to you as the VM that I sent out was borked. I have sucessfuly rebuilt the vm and it no longer has the version name in the vm name as I thought that once it has been downloaded all the people have to do is update bongo and continue. The updated torrent file can be found here Bongo torrent page on haigmail. I am in the process of building a debian from scratch VM which should enable me to install a vm with the absolute minimum install needed for bongo to run. I have stumbled across a how to and I am busy working through it. Once that is complete I will will add it to the torrent page for you to trry out. It should hopefully bring the download size down considerably. \\n\\nPlease if you can download the torrent and keep it seeded.

Thank you to http://linuxtracker.org for hosting our tracker on their site

Vmware image complete

The Bongo-Project Vmware image is now complete

I have been able to create an image that will allow Bongo to be evaluated and tested.

I have put the torrent file on my web server the address is http://torrent.haigmail.com As I create new files or downloads I will add them to the list on this server.

Please download the file and keep it seeding

Back in business

Back in business

I have been taking time to study for a certification exam. I have now finished this and can dedicate more time to Bongo. My next two projects are to see how to create the bongo torrent again and also to work on some suggestions made about the BongoDemo Vitrual Machine So that is the aim

Bongo Demo VM

I have now created the Bongo demo virtual machine. I was going to use an rpath installation but that has proved to much for me to take on board at the moment.

I will look into that at a later date. I have also created a torrent file and website for the Bongo demo server, I just need Alex to approve the site and also someone on the team who knows css to help me brand the page.

Once I have been authorised to release the torrent site. I will announce it here

First of many

I thought I would start by explaining how I came to be using Bongo

I started using Bongo when it was still called NIMS and was part of the beta test on that one. When it was released I bought a red box version and installed it on a server that I was hosting on my broadband at home. I only had a 5 user license then and created accounts for my family to use the server.

As the family usage and numbers increased I bought more licenses. When I was asked if I wanted to be a beta tester on version 3 I jumped at the chance. I then moved on to version 3.5.

When Novell reported that they were making Netmail open source I was elated and could not wait for the system to get to a stable release. Things seemed to stagnate on the hula front and I was worried as there were rumours that Novell were going to drop Netmail completely. I started investigating solutions that I could use to replace my Netmail implementation but found nothing that could do what it did.

The Netmail mailing list was very quiet for a long time and I decided to have a look at IRC. Well am I glad I did. I have been lucky to be able to join bongo at the beginning and to help move it on.
I even tried my hand at bug fixing with the bongo-setup script so that the ssl certificate it created would not complain when you used it with a mail client.
I am also trying my hand at creating vmware images on different os’s for people to test Bongo on.

So hopefully I will be able to contribute to the project as it grows and grows.

Thanks to Alex and the guys for what they are doing