Prince 2 foundation exam

Well I have just returned from a long drive to Bristol (2h30 one way).

I wrote my Prince 2 foundation exam today and passed.

I was supposed to write it last week thursday but my daughter decided to be born 3 weeks early. (thanks Andy for the blog) Why am I telling you this and what has this to do with bongo? I will now be able to focus on the VM situation again and perhaps get this thing sorted out once and for all. I have put the rpath install on hold for a while until we get to a stable version of Bongo and when we have sorted out all the install issues that exist at the moment.

I will be focusing my energies(that i have left) on a Fedora Core vm and an debian etch vm, if you want me to setup something else please let me know and I will give it a whirl.






3 responses to “Prince 2 foundation exam”

  1. Roger avatar

    Hi there – congrats on your new daughter and for passing the foundation exam. Can I ask if any of the questions in the practice exams on the prince2 website were listed? Can you remember any questions?

    I’m taking mine this Fri, have studied, but am nervous!


  2. Lance Haig avatar

    Thanks Roger,

    It has been a while since my foundation exam. so I am sorry but I cannot remember what questions wre asked. I used a company call ilx group that made it much easier to pass the exam. They have a computer program that helps you learn and remember.



  3. Roger avatar

    Not to worry Lance, there was a combination of mixed questions, 30% from example papers and the remaining 60% which I was fortunate to cover and resulted in a pass for the exam 🙂