Bongo Appliance Release

Well in keeping with Alex\’s resolution to release more this year, a new version 0.2.94 has been released. To make things more clear as to the process that is taken to produce a new release for the appliance I thought I would set out a typical process.

  1. New version of Bongo is released
  2. A frenzy of packaging takes place
  3. Sorting out any requirements that the new release bring with it
  4. Building and commiting the release to the rbuilder repository
  5. Building a test iso or vm to see if everything still works
  6. the main group is then built and promoted to the release repository
  7. The different appliance builds are started
  8. once all the builds are complete a release is created and published

So as you can see it is quite involved but it is rewarding to see tat just after you release people start downloading the files.

I hope this makes sense