Bongo Appliance hits the big time

Well this must be a sign. With the large portion of help that Stu Gott has given, we have been able to get the appliance ready for some serious testing. This means that rpath Marketing have put the Bongo appliance on the appliance spotlight section of the Rpath Rbuilder website.

What this means is that when you connect to the rbuilder website you will see a familiar graphic with the Bongo logo. When this is clicked on it will take you directly to the Bongo project page and give you the option of downloading the appliance.

This also means that when Rpath send out their e-mail newsletter we will be featured on this as well. All this publicity will definitely increase Bongo’s visibility within the Rpath community.

I can only thank the Bongo team and specifically Stu for getting us this far.

How long it takes to display on their website I do not know as these things take time. I hope that we gain many more Bongoers from this extra exposure we have been given.

Thanks guys