Bongo Appliance 0.3.0 Release

The much awaited release of Bongo M3 has arrived. Bongo Appliance Virtual Machines and install ISO’s can be downloaded from the RBuilder Website

If you already have an appliance running all you have to do is run your system updates through the web interface on your appliance

https://applianceIPorName:8003 then restart the appliance






2 responses to “Bongo Appliance 0.3.0 Release”

  1. cornbread avatar

    What is the timeline to have domains and user backend?

  2. Lance Haig avatar

    Well you can already host multiple domains on the Bongo server. And it si configurable from the admin interface.

    With regards to the user backend that is a question I can’t answer for you as Halex is busy completly rewriting the user interface as the old one is far to difficult to maintain and add to.

    So if you wan’t to know more join un on IRC channel #bongo on

    Hope that helps 🙂